Installation Day


6am wake up call, two cups of coffee, a few challenges and 10 hours later – our show is finally up and running!

With the generous and invaluable help from gallery Director Jeff Stevenson, Director of Digital Learning and Media Design Charles Nolley, Multimedia Instructional Technologists Aenglan Kim and Ann Needham, and of course Producer Keisha Dyson with Kim and Walter from DLMD – we navigated through the process of arranging and installing five portraits, an interactive touchscreen, three laptops, three projectors, a translucent hanging screen, show signage, and participatory materials.

Along for the ride, Kim and Walter from DLMD filmed the entire process from start to finish, including a time lapse recording where our five portraits come alive on the gallery walls.  They were with us as we fumbled through a tangled mess of cables, lamented unforeseen problems with technology, and delighted at the results as all our bits and pieces made it to the walls, one by one.  The footage will be used to compliment the television segment being filmed tomorrow at the DLMD studios, where we will be interviewed for GSU cable series ART Out & About by Emmy award-winning producer Tony Labriola.  Excited?  You bet we are.

Now off to prepare for day two…