Belgrade: Days 3-4

Enjoyed a shorter day, yesterday. Dejana, Tony and I spent a part of the evening at an outdoor cafe people watching, drinking wine then eating ice cream. Up early to prepare for our first shoot of the day, artifacts from ex Yugoslav daily life. The curator has recreated a cafe where one can sit and contemplate the show while drinking an espresso or a Cockta cola.

Belgrade: Days 1-2

On our first production day we wake to fragrant Turkish coffee and pastries still warm from the bakery oven. This is enjoyed on a terrace overlooking Kalemegdan park, the river Danube and Belgrade. The city is a visual contrast of old meets new as traditional red tiled roofs and sculptures are dotted with TV and Internet antennas. Today, meetings in the Bohemian quarter. Tomorrow, we shoot at the Museum of Yugoslav History.

14 days to Belgrade and the original hipsters

In full pre-production to production mode as we head into the final two weeks before leaving for Belgrade on our search for ‘the original hipsters.’ For 10 days we will be in production of an exploratory documentary examining the impact of alternative popular culture in the open and rebellious Yugoslavia of the 1970s and 80s. Looking forward to kicking it up with musicians, artists, and media makers of then and now.

Speaking in London, UK


Next week, Dejana and I are traveling to London to talk about our video installation, sitting on two stools, at two conferences. On Tuesday, I will present a research paper at the International Communication Association conference and chair a session. On Wednesday, together we will present a production-focused talk at Documentary Now!, a conference hosted by Brunel University.

We will also kick-off our next experimental documentary project starting in Belgrade, Serbia in July 2013. More later.

Here we go, again


Digital long jump: The revival of 1970s & 80s pop culture in ex Yugo

Just received word that I have been awarded a research grant and will travel to Belgrade in July to conduct research on 1970s and 80s alternative popular culture. As part of this research, Dejana (co-producer) will be joining me, along with Tony Labriola (DOP), to put together an experimental documentary trailer. Focusing on the impact of pre-conflict media on post-conflict culture and public memory, we are reaching out to artists, curators, and regular folks for their input.

TV show


Sitting on two stools will be the focus of an episode of Art: Out & About. To our delight, we are the subject of a 30 minute TV show on artists in the Chicago area. Thanks to Keisha Dyson (Producer) and her team for making us look and sound good on TV. We expect the episode to air some time over the summer and repeat in the fall. In the meantime, we will post the interview here:

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Post opening


After much work, Dejana and I are thrilled at the amazing turn out for the launch of sitting on two stools. In all, we saw over 100 visitors including friends, family, students, faculty, and folks from the community, walk through. It looks like there is some interest in having a follow up show in the city, and support for taking the show to Europe in 2014-15. Now, for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Upcoming Talks & Interviews


April 12, 2013. Disruption and subversion in the digital: Women perform public memory. Gender Matters Conference, GSU / DePaul U, Chicago, Illinois. Presented by D. James.

April 3, 2013. Women Make Media: Collaboration as public memory

A live studio taping with James and Erich. This 30-minute craft seminar explores personal stories of loss and memory in the private realm; the contradictions and complexities inherent in the process of representing lived experiences of conflict, displacement, and migration of two decades after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia; and examines the role of technology in representing personal story as public memory. Supported by a Governors State University Intellectual Life Grant, and Digital Learning and Media Design, GSU.

June 22, 3013. PROVOKE: Disruption and subversion in the digital: Women perform public memory. International Communication Association Conference, London, England. Presented by D. James.

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