UPCOMING: digital long jump – Revival of 1970s & 80s pop culture in former Yugoslavia

Alternative media art (cinema, television, music) of the 1970s and early 1980s Yugoslavia challenged the status quo of the socialist culture, explored contemporary themes, examined social tensions and contradictions, adopted influences of the U.S., and supported a local youth culture. Twenty years after the breakup of Yugoslavia, a foundation of plurality and the cultural products of this pre-conflict period have appeared, reinterpreted in art venues indicating the regeneration of a contemporary form of ‘Yugoslavianism’.

Combining visual research methods, observation, and personal interviews in Belgrade, Serbia (a center of culture and alternative media production), our research and subsequent installation will examine the persistence of alternative media created during these years, and its influence on local and everyday arts culture.

In addition to this research, we have been awarded a grant and will be joined by Tony Labriola (DOP) to put together an experimental documentary trailer. Focusing on the impact of pre-conflict media on post-conflict culture and public memory, we are reaching out to artists, curators, and regular folks for their input.

Stay tuned.


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